Su Davis – Founder & Managing Director of Freshly Squeezed believes "that with health and fitness, you can achieve anything".

Su Davis began dancing professionally in the early 90’s when dance within the Street Dance world began its rapid way up into the mainstream. Performances included TV appearances, backing dancing for singers and international and national tours.

Su went on to gain further skills and qualifications as a Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer, Dance Instructor, Sports Instructor and Senior Youth Worker, enabling a variety of activities to be delivered to all age ranges and settings.

The progression into the fitness industry was a natural transformation, using the ability to choreograph dance routines with the knowledge and skills to instruct individuals to achieve health benefits. Su’s easy to follow; yet energetic and stylish movements, with the added touch of dance choreography soon become her trademark as an instructor; from P.E. and afterschool curriculum activities for primary and secondary schools to reaching community groups, enabling accessibility to regular physical activity.

Freshly Squeezed activities were in high demand, and grew more popular with the strength of its staff. Freshly Squeezed staff are skilled and trained from Street Dance to Bollywood and Basketball to Gymnastics which enables participants to enjoy a varied physical experience.

Freshly Squeezed is recognised for its talented and committed staff. Dance in its many styles have become increasingly popular amongst young people and the wider community, allowing Freshly Squeezed’s team of instructors to share their skills and knowledge, motivating and encouraging others to maintain a healthy lifestyle.