Freshly Squeezed are pleased to offer a variety of activities for people to participate and increase their physical activity by offering:

Dance, Fitness & Sporting activitie

Activities can be tailored to all ages and abilities, therefore encouraging all to get involved and get fit.

Below are just some of the activities we offer:

Street-Dance Aerobics Basketball 50+ Yoga

Hip - Hop Badminton Fitness for Families

Chair based exercise Pilates Ballet Football

Circuit training Self Defence Fitness

Testing Athletics ContemporaryCheerleading

Multisports Salsa Capoeria  Structured Walk

Why choose Freshly Squeezed?

  • Freshly Squeezed are committed to your health and well-being
  • Activities are inclusive for all abilities – abled and non-abled participants
  • Activities are delivered in a fun, yet educative way for participants to gain maximum benefit

    Staff are qualified, motivated, knowledgeable & reliable

  • Activities can be tailored for weekly sessions, one off sessions or a longer duration
  • A variety of activities can be rotated to maintain your needs and requirements